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Make Anything

Dissatisfaction is an inescapably part of the human condition. Life is full of realities that fall far short of ideal. No matter how happy you are, how fulfilled, you can probably think of five things off the top of your head you’d change in a heartbeat.

Me, too.

And if that seems harsh or cynical or way too fucking deep for a Tuesday morning, hold up a sec. It gets better.

One of the many therapuetic gifts of writing is this: you can create any reality you want. There are no rules when you sit down to write. If you don’t like something about real life, you can change it. You can unmake it. You can turn it on its head.

Sure, the story has a will of its own, and your characters, like mine, are probably real people in your mind. I often feel like I’m only recording what they say and do, not inventing it. But the simple fact remains that all of it–the plot, the people, the purpose behind the tale–all of it originates in me.

So I bring my dissatisfaction with me when I sit down to write.

I don’t bitch about what I don’t like. I just remake it. I can be anyone, do anything. Sometimes I solve the world’s problems and sometimes I merely unravel them. Both end up being cathartic.

My point is simply this: writing is creating. It’s an opportunity to escape the bonds of reality. Think of it as daydreaming on crack. Don’t miss out on the pure, unadulterated rush of using your fiction, at least occasionally, to edit life so that it better suits you.

When you sit down to write, you are a god. If you don’t revel in that power, you’re doing it wrong.

be weird

Be Weird

inspiration overload

I have this file on my hard drive full of pictures with quotes*. Most are tidbits of wisdom said by writers, some are uncredited but story-crafting related, and some are just about life, but with very clear application to yarn-spinning. (Yes, ‘yarn-spinning’. I’m from the south. I’m allowed the occasional southern turn of phrase.)

I’ve dipped into that file many times over the past couple of years for inspiration for my posts about writing. However, looking over it today I realize it’s time to clean it out.

Of course, some of those quotes are good. And, some of them are so well known they hardly warrant an op-ed piece by me. Still, I don’t want to just trash them, so instead I’m dumping them here. In this very post. Right now.

There’s some good stuff below. I encourage you to take the time to look at each, even if you’ve seen the quote before. This isn’t everything in my pictorial quote file, so fear not. I’m hardly done waxing poetic about brilliant things other people have said.




No Tears



Birth of Ideas


Must Read

*I haven’t verified these quotes. Nope, not a single one. Some of them may even be wrong. But really, does it matter? They’re still good stuff.

life imagined

Life Imagined

There are two things I really like about the above quote.

One, it’s a short story unto itself. Even though it’s only one sentence, it implies a lot. My mind immediately starts filling in the gaps, thinking of things that might have changed to cause her to come to this decision, and what living out this decision might mean for her. It’s beautifully succinct.

But, two, it’s challenging in a deeply personal way. Certainly for me, but probably for anyone willing to hear the challenge.

What is the life you imagine? What is it you want

I’m not talking about money or perfect looks or fame or anything else outside of yourself. I’m talking about something far more profound. The internal reality you want to achieve. If you woke up tomorrow feeling like the person you want to be, the person you are on the inside, what would be different? What would you be doing that you’re not doing today? And what the hell is holding you back?

Most likely, your roadblocks have more to do with fear than a lack of funding, feasibility or freedom.

Well, friend, that’s on you. You can’t blame the fates for that one. The only person who can get you past whatever you’re afraid of is you. And if that’s what’s keeping you from the life you’ve always wanted, isn’t it about time you got cracking?

I’m not trying to invalidate the very real effect of fear. God knows my own insecurities have hampered me plenty. That’s true for nearly everyone on the planet, and what’s equally true is that most people will never step out on the limb and live beyond their fears. By and large, humanity plays it safe.

But that’s not the heart of the issue, is it? Who cares what everyone else is doing? The real question is this: will you live the life you want? Will you write even if you never get published? Will you take that trip you’ve longed to take even if no one goes with you? Will you risk your savings, your pride or your current comfort to make a move? Start a business? Realize a personal life goal? Or embark on your own adventure?

Will you let fear hold you back, or will the story above be your story?

That’s entirely up to you.



the truth


It’s 11:01 pm, and I almost forgot to post something today. Too many irons in the fire!

There’s a lot I could say about the quote below, but it speaks pretty well for itself so I’ll just leave it at that. I sincerely hope all is well in your writing world.

The Truth

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