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Like a lot of modern writers, I do the vast majority of my work sitting in front of a computer. That means I’m pounding away on a keyboard for hours a day. A few months ago, on the suggestion of a friend, I took the plunge and purchased a mechanical keyboard. (I got the Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate on sale for $50 off. That’s it pictured above. There are plenty of solid brands out there. I went for the best value.)

Here’s what I can tell you: the keyboard you use does make a difference.

My typing is, believe it or not, slightly faster, and the keyboard is easier on my fingers and hands. Because I previously used a super-slim keyboard, it took me a few days to get used to the added bulk, but I highly recommend the change. If you spend a significant amount of time typing, you’ll likely notice the difference, too.

If you’re not sure what a mechanical keyboard is or how it differs from other keyboards, here’s a great article from PC World to give you the scoop:

Mechanical Keyboards: Should You Switch?
Patrick Miller PC World

Ever stop and think about how your average, everyday PC keyboard doesn’t have the same satisfying “click” that it used to? Well, some manufacturers still make mechanical switch keyboards that feel like the classic IBM Model M–and if you spend your work (or play) time typing away on a PC keyboard, it might be worth your while to switch out your membrane keyboard for a mechanical one. Depending on what you use with your PC, a mechanical keyboard could help you type more quickly and more accurately, and it will last far longer than a standard PC pack-in keyboard will.

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Ash Martin writes dark fantasy and horror, has a thing for classic monster legends, Nordic mythology, coffee, and sarcasm, and is currently working on multiple books.

9 Responses to painfully pragmatic

  1. Never heard of one of those. Thanks for passing this on!

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    • dex says:

      I said the same thing, and then my friend who recommended it said, “Do you remember old keyboards that were really ‘clicky’? Those were mechanical keyboards.”

      You’ve probably used one before, years ago. Sometimes so called advances aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Mechanicals are better for your hands and wrists, allow for faster, smoother typing, weigh more (meaning, they’ll move less on your desk), and tend to last a lot longer than newer non-mechanical models. 🙂


  2. diannegray says:

    What a great idea! 😀

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  3. P. C. Zick says:

    How do you choose which one to buy? It sounds as if I’d like it but I’d have no idea about what to buy. I read the article, but it didn’t clear it up for me.

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    • dex says:

      That’s the tough part. Basically, they all function more or less the same way. There are, however, two key differences: the sound (how ‘clicky’ the keyboard is) and the tactile feedback. Here’s another great article that breaks down the differences and offers some guidance on which type of switch to pick when shopping for a mechanical keyboard. (I have Cherry MX Brown switches, myself.)

      I know, I know–that makes no sense. The strength of mechanical keyboards is also a weakness. You have some nice customization options, but that means you have to do homework before buying one. Honestly, the best thing you can do is go to a store that carries several with several different kinds of switches and play with them. You’ll hear and feel the differences immediately. That said, I bought mine without hands on experimentation, and I’m completely happy with what I picked.

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  4. Looks like an effort to get the tips of my little fingers up and over the big humps of those keys, compared to my flat MacBook Air. 😉 I could stop going to the gym!

    Ha ha. I’m glad you’re happy with our purchase, Dex. And, I do actually miss the big clicks.

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