too much worry

On WritingRecently, a writer friend of mine sent me a message with this little gem at the end: “Remember – you probably do worry too much. Writers usually do.”

Oh, how true that is.

We writers are a weird crowd, and I mean that as nicely as I possibly can. (Weird is dramatically under-rated. Normal is so…eh. Who wants to be normal? Seriously. Who are these normal-agenda-ed people?! Count me out.)

Back to my point. I’m a writer. I worry too much. If you’re a writer, there’s a good chance you do, too. I’m not sure why that is. Writers are often anxious. Maybe it’s the nature of the craft. I mean, we’re rarely right there when people read our stuff, if we let anyone read it at all. If we’re not famous (and honestly, if you are, why the hell are you reading my blog? Or, more to the point, why aren’t putting me in touch with your agent?!), all we have to go on are the critical assessments of our friends, and that’s not much. They’ll say just about any drivel is ‘good’ to spare your feelings.

Or, maybe it’s just how the creative mind is wired. Who knows?

Regardless, it’s a common enough thing. Writers sometimes sink into anxiety and even depression, which is part of why being a good writer means not writing sometimes. Sometimes you need to read. Or hang out with people. (I mean people not in your own head.) Or just relax. You have to find ways to let that stress go.

One thing I do–you’re gonna love this–is just narrow my eyes and say, “Fuck it,” even as I’m writing. No, I’m not kidding. I’ll be sitting there at my computer, alone in the house, pounding away while also nursing an intense fear that everything I’m writing is pure shit, and I’ll just say fuck it out loud. Fuck the worry, the anxiety, the fear I’m not talented or creative enough. All of it.

It’s cathartic.

If that doesn’t work for you, find something that does. This is supposed to be fun, this writing thing. Life, too, for that matter. Our time is to short to worry it all away.

After all, if you can’t have fun, why are you doing it?


About Ash Martin
Ash Martin writes dark fantasy and horror, has a thing for classic monster legends, Nordic mythology, coffee, and sarcasm, and is currently working on multiple books.

9 Responses to too much worry

  1. dumanae says:

    What is normal? Whats normal to the spider is cjaos for the fly.
    You are you own worst critic and that can be worrisome… did i write that the way it should? Is that too wordy? Is it good? Are they going to like it?….
    So yeah the fuck it thing works, sometimes and sometimes its just great getting out of your head,like you said. Which gives you ample opportunity and experiences to write about or incorporate into an existing story.

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  2. Julie says:

    Great post and something I needed to read right about now. I’ve started saying “Fuck it” lately, although part of me feels bad about doing so. Except I needed to. So far, it’s working for me, which is encouraging. I definitely worry too much too. Not just writing, in everything. I need to work on this, maybe get back to daily meditation or something.

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    • dex says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one, Julie! Worry gets to me often. I find that taking an aggressive stance toward it helps. That may not work for everyone, but it works for me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Oh boy, I don’t think we can be writers without being insecure about our writing. And with insecurity comes worrying. But worrying is just not fun. So I try to be secure in my massive insecurities, and that seems to help.

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    • dex says:

      Agreed. Worry seems to come with the gig. I don’t think it has to, but often, it does.

      Oh, and I love the idea of being secure with your insecurities. Brilliant!


  4. Ha ha. That Hazy chick sounds like she’s very self-aware.

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  5. P. C. Zick says:

    Agreed, Dex. But the worry creates stories and in the process, all we can do is enjoy it when the words flow down onto the paper from somewhere deep in the recesses of our crazed little minds:)


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