wrong, wrong, wrong

I like Lewis CK. I generally find him to be funny and insightful, and his comedy is irreverent enough to be memorable. That said, he’s so completely wrong in the following video clip that it’s both funny and poignant.

Watch the clip and then catch up with me below.

Okay, that’s funny and more than a little ironic, but what has it got to do with writing? I’m so glad you asked.

As soon as you state your desire to write, especially if you intend to seek publication, at least one well-meaning, thoroughly pragmatic friend will emerge reminding you (hopefully, with tact) that a lot of novels get written but far fewer get published. What’s more, getting published isn’t a guarantee of financial success as a writer. Most fiction writers hold down another job as an additional source of income.

This friend will believe, genuinely, that they are doing you a favor, lest you become too starry-eyed. Because they don’t want to see you broken, your dreams dashed, they hope to add an element of realism to your future plans. “Go for it,” they will say, “but…don’t expect to succeed.”

You know what I say to that? Fuck it.

Not because your pragmatic friend isn’t right. He/she is. Few people make a living writing fiction, and fewer still get rich from it. That said, there’s nothing barring you from being one of those people, and there is no reason, no reason at all, to gently slaughter your dreams before they’ve even had the chance to become a reality.

Look, if you were all that into realism, chances are you wouldn’t be writing fiction. Artists should chase dreams, no matter how slim the chances. Some of us will achieve those dreams, and the rest of us win just for having the courage to pursue what makes us happy.

Dream big, and when someone tries to reign in your dreams, smile, thank them for their input, and then forget everything they said, no matter how true it may be.


About Ash Martin
Ash Martin writes dark fantasy and horror, has a thing for classic monster legends, Nordic mythology, coffee, and sarcasm, and is currently working on multiple books.

9 Responses to wrong, wrong, wrong

  1. I agree – the friend is probably right, as you say, but nothing kills a dream like implementation anxiety. Just go out and do it. What comes of it is yet to be written.

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  2. Right, right, right! “Go for it, but don’t expect to succeed?” Who would be motivated by that? “Fuck it?” Fuck them!

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  3. PS – LOVE the clip. It’s perfect.

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  4. dumanae says:

    I say that person wouldn’t be a good friend. There is no real support for your dreams. They are just a friend. A good friend would say that’s awesome, when your famous we can sit back and laugh. Now where do we need to bury this body.

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    • dex says:

      LOL. I take those kinds of comments in stride. A lot of people fancy themselves ‘realists’ and think they’re helping with those kinds of comments. I call my Muse by her first name. Clearly, we’re on different wavelengths.


      • dumanae says:

        Encouragement is important unless your flat out rebelous. I am glad you let comments like that roll on by. Its not to say writing is hard, it is and it isnt. It is to some degree when you have to describe not only what the character looks like but everything around you in a way that doesnt make it a “list of attributes”. One needs to bring things to life in someone else’s minds eye. That is hard work your muse I hope helps and doesnt argue with you.*smile* you have to sell your self and surround yourself with support because it is doable and if you are tenacious it can happen for you. I whole heartedly beleive this even though it sounds like an afterschool special pep talk. I learned with my son, he willl do what he wants all I can do is encourage point out direction if needed keep up a dialogue and never never say he isnt going to make it or there is no money in that line of work. Talk like that of saying its not going to pan out or the odds are against you only delivers the message you’re not good enough and its better to struggle and push yourself along with encouragement that gets you to your goals or the GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL if you will. Write because you love it write to entice others to look behind the curtain. Live your dreams dont die with regrets and now Ill hop of this soap box and return you to your regular programming already in progress.

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  5. You have to keep trying. Look at the guy who quit at Six-Up.


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