never too late

Julia Child

Our culture worships youth and celebrates the early bloomer. The younger you are when you succeed in some big, noticeable way, the more impressive we believe your success to be. It’s bullshit, really, but it’s the way we think.

I wonder, sometimes, how many people out there never pursue their dreams, whatever they may be, because they’ve talked themselves into believing they’ve waited too late in life to start. Years ago, I knew an elderly couple. He had always wanted to learn how to bake pies from scratch. He was well into his eighties when he decided, though more than a few people thought it was quirky, to take a baking class at the local community college.

His strawberry rhubarb pies were the best baked thing I’ve ever had.

Whatever your goals and dreams, baking or writing or swimming from Cuba to Florida without the protection of a shark cage, you’re never too old (or too anything) to start. We all start at the same place: the beginning. And those first steps are the same for all of us: scary, wobbly and clumsy. No one is truly a natural at much of anything. We all have to learn.

If you’ve always wanted to write a book, there’s no better time than now to start trying. Maybe you wish you had done it when you were younger. Guess what? You didn’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it now. In fact, next month is NaNoWriMo, and I highly encourage anyone who’s ever thought they want to pen a novel to sign up and give it a go. I did it last year and it was wonderful. (I won’t be doing it this year because I’m knee-deep in editing not one, but two books.)

My point is, don’t keep putting off any of your life goals. If you want to skydive, make it happen. If you’ve always dreamed of vacationing in New Zealand, start saving. If you’re secretly envious of people who grow their own herbs, there are guides for that all over the internet. And if you want to write, write.

Don’t buy into the lie that it’s too late. Find a way to start pursuing your dream now.


About Ash Martin
Ash Martin writes dark fantasy and horror, has a thing for classic monster legends, Nordic mythology, coffee, and sarcasm, and is currently working on multiple books.

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