grammar matters


First, a confession: I can’t spell for shit. Seriously, if it weren’t for spell check, I’d have misspelled words littered throughout every post on this blog and every draft I write offline. Thankfully, that little red, wavy line catches most of them, but I still sometimes type “your” when I should have typed “you’re”.

I’m human. It happens.

That said, grammar matters. It matters for everyone, but if you’re a writer, it’s kind of your bread and butter. Some grammatical rules can be bent. Some can be broken. The occasional stylistic fragment sentence is okay, so long as you know you’re breaking a rule, and so long as you follow the vast majority of them.

I’m often floored by the lack of grammar the average person actually knows. (Read through Facebook some time. It’s a tour de force in rude awakenings.) We all learned how to diagram sentences in grade school, but many of us moved without retaining a thing. And spelling. Oh, spelling. Even with spell check turned on (almost every browser has it), there are folks out there who will butcher even common words without paying any heed to that little red line.

But you, my friend, are a writer. You have to pay heed.

People will forgive mistakes. I make them, and you’ll make them, too. But writing is our craft. It’s our art. You must take even the technical aspects of it seriously, or no one will take you seriously as a writer. If you aren’t sure what the proper grammar or spelling for something is, look it up. (Google is your friend.) Check before you hit ‘publish’ or before you mail off that manuscript. And if you find that your grammar is severely lacking, take the time to educate yourself. Brush up on it.

Grammar matters–for everyone, but especially for the writer.


About Ash Martin
Ash Martin writes dark fantasy and horror, has a thing for classic monster legends, Nordic mythology, coffee, and sarcasm, and is currently working on multiple books.

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