According to this article over at Bad Science, being superstitious tends to positively affect performance.

Yeah, yeah—they conclude “…that superstition works, because it improves confidence, let’s you set higher goals, and encourages you to work harder.” As far as I’m concerned, that takes all the mystery (and all the fun) out of it. I’m content just knowing that keeping a lucky whatever on my person means I will be more successful.


About Ash Martin
Ash Martin writes dark fantasy and horror, has a thing for classic monster legends, Nordic mythology, coffee, and sarcasm, and is currently working on multiple books.

2 Responses to superstitious

  1. S. C. Green says:

    What an interesting article. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I dare say this could be very useful in character development on future projects. Oh the wheels are turning now.
    Time to write.


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